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Who We Serve

Capital Stewardship

We have deep industry knowledge which adds value from day one. We are trusted advisors to our investors, portfolio companies and industry leaders; expertise and insight built over decades of specialization in the space. We have a diverse set of investors with nearly 50% adding to their initial investment.


We invest in the fund alongside our LP and our goals center around positive outcomes for our investors.


Clear, open, and detailed communications are key to building relationships with investors

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Institutional Investors

Our process has developed into a significantly scalable and resilient model. We leverage our expertise with an agile platform to provide a differentiated investment. Performance has exceeded sector benchmarks with notably less volatility and is a low correlation strategy that is able to act independently.


Institutional process and expertise with a personal touch. Individuals and family investors benefit from our strategy and receive direct access to the portfolio managers. Focus on risk adjusted returns with tax impacts considered throughout the investment process.

Financial Institutions

Our core focus, community banks, are able to invest along side us; we have produced notable through the cycle returns and have outperformed bond portfolios with significantly lower draw-downs. 70% of our initial capital raised was from financial institutions, banks, bank holding companies and senior executives

Family Offices

Diverse set of holdings serves as an effective risk mitigation as we look to build an “all-weather” portfolio that performs across cycles. Strong client retention rate as we combine responsive service, a sustainable model, and notable returns.

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