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About Us

GenOpp Capital Management is a leading provider of alternative investing in the financials space

Our philosophy is based on a disciplined, repeatable, and scalable process that is focused on fundamental investing. Led by an established investment team with two+ decades of sector experience dedicated to developing an "all weather" vehicle which creates long term value for our investors. The operating model is able to act swiftly on market opportunities while minimizing risk through the diligence process.


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Founded in 2020: At formation it was a Generational Opportunity to invest in bank stocks and tech forward financial institutions

$7 trillion

Massive market opportunity: Invest-able universe of 600+ publicly traded banks and financial services totaling ~$7 trillion in market capitalization


Backing of Industry Leaders: 70% of initial capital from banks or bank executives; 40% of all LP’s have added to initial investment

1 team

Aligned with LPs: GenOpp team has been working closely for nearly 10 years and is significantly invested along side LPs creating a positive incentive structure

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We employ a bottoms up strategy with a foundation in rigorous research, a keen understanding of cycle dynamics, and a differentiated approach to portfolio management that seeks to realize value across the bank stock spectrum. In seeking to achieve high-quality returns we foster a best idea culture coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit that continually challenges perspectives.